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With its snaking undercurrent guiding you towards a chorus that twinkles like a proggy Stone Roses, «That Face» possesses a sound that crosses multiple decades of music. It then travels down classical guitar lines to a cinematic finale
— Jerry Ewing, Prog Magazine

We are Laughing Stock


Jan Mikael Sørensen met Håvard Enge in 1978. At the age of 12 they got obsessed with music, and albums like The Hurting by Tears for Fears, The Colour of Spring by Talk Talk and Skylarking by XTC persuaded them to learn to play instruments. In 1986 the band Crazy Dogs (later Cerumen) saw the light of day. The band included Håvards brother Kolbjørn (now drummer/vocalist, Nan Madol). 

Håvard and Jan Mikael started their first proper band Again and Again in 1990. They recorded a three track cassette at a studio where Aha had just recorded their single Move to Memphis.

In '93 Håvard moved to Oslo to study music. He now has a Ph.D. in the field of music. That lead Jan Mikael to team up with another friend, Jan Erik K. Nilsen, who had just seen his band Curtwigs crumble. In 1993 they teamed up with Curtwigs bassist Lars M. Kræmer, and started the band Spacewagon. They did many shows in the period 1994-96, but dissolved.

In the years since, the three friends rarely played music together, but were engaged in other projects. Jan Mikael had some success with the metal band Gate9. They released an album, Moon Ranger gone Evil in 2002 on the US label Underdogma. 

In 2016 the idea of doing a project together arose, and Laughing Stock came to life. Laughing Stock is the sum of all the music the threesome has been inspired by in the last 30 years. Call it pop, call it rock. Call it progressive – the term doesn't matter. Laughing Stock is Music. The songs live their own life. On the Island.



Jan Mikael Sørensen
Håvard Enge
Jan Erik Kirkevold Nilsen






Produced and mixed by Jan Mikael Sørensen

Apollon Records Prog 2019



Produced and mixed by Jan Mikael Sørensen

JMHE Records 2018

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(Single Version Mix)

Produced and mixed by Jan Mikael Sørensen

JMHE Records 2018

Single_Who We Are.jpg


Produced and mixed by Jan Mikael Sørensen

JMHE Records 2018


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